Wednesday, March 18, 2009


After finally coming to the realization that I wanted to be an Imagineer, my first natural reaction was "Where do I begin?". Imagineers have come from a variety of diverse backgrounds, each with their own stories as to how they began working for the mouse. Many possess impressive resumes, a master's degree (or two!), and loads of experience. While others have never made a step into a college classroom. One thing that most Imagineers do share is that they all started as interns and have worked their way into a full time position. Today, Imagineering internships are hard to come by and are extremely competitive when they are available. Luckily, Disney has provided college students a great way to showcase their talents directly to the Imagineers themselves through their "ImagiNations" contest.

You can check out the ImagiNations website by clicking the the logo above. The website has some great videos and all of the information you need for the competition. I'm currently working on forming my team and looking to submit a project for 2010. This is definitely something that any aspiring Imagineer should participate in, and I will be documenting my progress and journey along the way. I have spoken with several people that have been involved with the contest (one of which won!) and they all emphasized how memorable of an experience it was, and how it serves as a realistic introduction to what being an Imagineer is all about.

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