Thursday, March 19, 2009

Waste Please

When I'm at the parks, I always find myself rushing to the next attraction, armed with my fast passes. Maps!? No way, I know all of the shortcuts and the quickest routes. I'm sure many park enthusiasts like myself find themselves in this hyper productive mood, and with good reason of course. But unfortunately a result of this is that we miss all of the small beautiful details imagineers have added around the parks to add to the experience. Trash cans are one of those details, so lets take a look at some and see how many you can identify where they are located and in which park. Highlight the area below the picture to reveal the answer! Some may have their location incorporated into the design, so if you miss those . . . well then we may have some problems I think. . .

Epcot - World Showcase

Hollywood Studios - Tower of Terror

Magic Kingdom/Disneyland - Tomorrowland

Epcot - The Living Seas with Nemo and Friends

California Adventure/Epcot - Soarin' over California

extra points if you can tell me WHO this famous trash can is:

Disneyland/Magic Kingdom - Push the Trash Can in Tomorrowland

hint - this one is from one of the WDW resorts!

Polynesian Resort

Disneyland/Magic Kingdom - Main Street USA

Magic Kingdom - Liberty Square

Disneyland - The Haunted Mansion

of course you can tell which land, but which park? (its overseas!)

Hong Kong Disneyland - Main Street USA

Animal Kingdom - Africa

Disneyland/Magic Kingdom - Frontierland

Disneyland/Magic Kingdom - Fantasyland

Animal Kingdom - Dinoland

Magic Kingdom - Liberty Square

Animal Kingdom - Camp Minnie-Mickey

Hollywood Studios - Backlot

Animal Kingdom - Asia

The Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort

Disneyland/Magic Kingdom - Adventureland

California Adventure - Paradise Pier

So, how did you do? Any favorites? Some were pretty tricky! There are a lot of these little details throughout the parks that are worth taking the time to stop and notice. Now if you'll excuse me . . . I have fast passes to Indy, then I'm hitting Jungle Cruise, stopping for a Dole Whip, and avoiding the long lines at Pirates during the parade!


James N. said...

Haha, I work in Custodial at MK and, yes, Disney's trash cans are quite creative. Too bad I work in the land with the most boring ones (Tomorrowland).

Jeff said...

Hey James,

Thats great that your working at MK! Are you there full-time or as a part of the college program? haha your're right, and isn't it odd since Tomorrowland is supposed to be futuristic? Have you had any interesting experiences with PUSH the trash can?

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